Found: Perfectly Preserved Ship Aptly Named 'HMS Terror' Sitting on the Bottom of an Arctic Bay

In 1845, Sir John Franklin set out with two Royal Navy ships to hunt for a Northwest Passage through the Arctic ice; neither returned, and all 129 men involved perished pretty horribly. More than a century and a half later, researchers say they’ve found the second of the two ships, known as the HMS Terror. Perhaps the…

forgotten snacks

Soooo...I was reading that piece about how Idiocracy is a cruel film, and I saw the mention of Al Capp in the body of the piece. I immediately thought of these bagged crunchy things, only to find that they were Andy Capp’s, not Al’s. Did you ever eat these things? The taste was questionable, but the texture and crunch…


kissin' cousins

Scientists in South Africa have announced the discovery of a hithero-unknown branch of the hominid tree that produced humanity. The fossils were found in a cave, and they’re some of the most complete ever recovered. The haul so far is 1,500 items, which may be from at least 15 different individuals.